Zita West with IVF baby

We wouldn’t have baby Estella without pioneering treatments

Here on our blog, we love sharing the stories of some of the couples who have had IVF treatment with us. And talking to Fleur and David – and meeting their daughter Estella.

As part of their treatment, the couple tried some of the pioneering treatments we offer, including reproductive immunology and genetic screening.


Fleur says: ‘We were told it was fairly unlikely we’d conceive naturally, so the IVF would be a good choice. On our second round, we decided to do the genetic screening of embryos, which for us was just perfect because we had 18 eggs, and 12 embryos that looked good. Then the genetic screening showed only one of them, which wasn’t the highest graded embryo, was actually viable and that was Estella.’

‘We would have had to have waited for a long time – and gone through four or five cycles, which would have failed, to get to that embryo. Yet thanks to genetic screening we were able to save ourselves heartache and get to it quickly.’ 

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