Healthy Eggs for Easter

Get healthy eggs for Easter

With Easter around the corner, eggs are on everyone’s’ brain. But women who are thinking about motherhood will be focusing on one type of egg in particular.

Most women know that they are born with all the eggs that they are ever going to possess and that they are all already genetically predetermined, but that doesn’t stop them wondering what they can do to improve the quality of their own eggs.

According to midwife to the stars and IVF clinic founder, Zita West, there are a few easy steps women can take which will enhance the environment in which eggs develop and mature, including lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and the right dietary supplements to get healthy eggs.

What do eggs need?

Healthy eggs need: 

  • A diet rich in protein
  • Good gut health to absorb nutrients to build eggs
  • Balanced blood sugar for balanced hormones
  • Good blood flow
  • Protection from free radicals
  • Healthy fats for cell membranes

Zita says:

‘Healthy eggs equals a healthy embryo which equals a healthy pregnancy and baby.’


Here, Zita shares her top 5 tips on improving the quality of your own eggs and getting your eggs ready for conception.  

Take a multivitamin

Multivitamins and minerals produce the key building blocks needed for good quality eggs, so take a premium multivitamin and multimineral supplement specifically designed to support fertility. The supplement you are taking should be alongside a micronutrient-rich diet to ensure that your eggs are in good shape. Good nutrition can support you and create an optimum environment in your body for the embryos to thrive. Good nutrition is fundamental to the health of all our body’s cells, including those that go on to make eggs and sperm, and even those that determine how fast a sperm will swim.

Avoid environmental stressors

As you grow older, all your cells become weaker – including your eggs. Unstable molecules called free radicals cause cellular destruction, and high levels of these will speed up the process of ageing and so damage eggs faster! That is why it is vital to avoid any environmental stressors that can cause this, like smoking, so that your eggs are protected as much as possible.

Get enough antioxidants

Everyone knows that antioxidants are great for the body, but they are particularly great for eggs as they can neutralise the effect of those cell-damaging free radicals. Our Vitafem Boost 1 range is designed as an antioxidant ‘booster’ formulation for this very purpose, and should be taken alongside a general supplement to make your eggs stronger than ever.

Focus on healthy fats

Some fats are better for us than others, and during preconception and pregnancy, those healthy fats should be your best friend. Eggs need essential fatty acids to build up their outer layer cell membrane, and by containing Omega 3 essential fatty acids, the Vital DHA supplement can help you reach that optimum balance of healthy fats.

Take Inositol

It has long been the case that women trying to conceive are advised to take folic acid, due to its proven ability to aid the normal development of eggs. But more and more, women are being told to take Inositol to balance their blood sugar and regulate their cycle. The new Inositol and Folate supplement provides the optimum combination of one’s needed intake of both during preconception and pregnancy, ultimately enhancing egg quality.

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