What Couples Want From A Fertility Consultation

In today’s episode of The Fertility Show, Dr Simone Rofena, our consultant in Reproductive Medicine is discussing what couples want from a consultation at a fertility clinic.

The number one thing couples’ want is answers and for their situation to be considered as thoroughly as possible.  Take a look at Dr Rofena talking about couples’ needs and how we meet them –  and as always, you’ll find your cheatsheet below.

  • When people are looking for answers, a holistic approach, which includes looking at the natural side alongside the latest medical techniques, makes the difference. It means no stone is left unturned and couples increase their chances of success by doing things including having acupuncture, looking at their diet and reducing stress.
  • A 90- minute consultation is the normal length for an initial consultation during. We want to be sure we have enough time to answer your questions and review any previous test results, as well as plan next steps.
  • It goes without saying that every situation is different and therefore everything is highly personalised when coming up with a tailored plan of action for everyone we see.

If you’d like to see Dr Rofena or anyone else at the clinic, email clinics@zitawest.com


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