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What is natural modified IVF?

What is natural modified IVF?

Often, patients will previously have had conventional IVF with high dose stimulation in an attempt to get more eggs from their ovaries and when this doesn’t work they could be told that their only option is egg donation. There is one other avenue to explore before we suggest egg donation and that is natural modified IVF. What we do is instead of giving huge doses of drugs to get one or two egg follicles, we can usually achieve the same result by using much lower doses of stimulation.

Why is it called natural modified IVF?

It is called natural modified IVF because you are only really supporting naturally recruited follicles which have occurred in a natural menstruation cycle. We will be supporting the growth of that natural follicle with a low dose of stimulation and adding in another drug that stops premature ovulation, so that we can collect the egg for you.

How do I know which stimulation is best for me?

Stimulation in these cycles only really starts on day five, rather than day two which is the case in conventional IVF. We obviously offer conventional IVF as well at the clinic and the decision is based entirely on the antral follicle count at the beginning of the cycle.

How do you optimise IVF success rates?

Optimising IVF success rates depends very much on a fantastic laboratory, the skills of the practitioners involved and also to a large degree on the preparation of the patient in terms of nutrition and supplements that she takes. Overall however, the success rates in IVF significantly correlates with the age of the woman. As we know, genetic changes occur in a woman’s eggs as they age and anything we can do to predict which embryo will be the successful one is obviously the most important thing that we can do and to this end we would strongly recommend that a lot of women have a pre-implantation genetic screening of their embryos if they are over 38 years old.


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