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What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

In today’s episode of The Fertility Show, Dr Simone Rofena, our consultant in Reproductive Medicines is talking about how we choose between IVF and ICSI when we have an abnormal semen analysis. The main parameters we are considering are three things

  1.     Sperm count
  2.     Motility
  3.     Morphology

When is IVF the right answer?

IVF might be the best option when sperm count is low but motility and morphology are normal. With IVF we put sperm and eggs into contact with one another in a petri dish to facilitate fertilisation of egg and sperm. It’s better to go for IVF when possible as it allows a more natural selection of the best sperm to ideally fertilize the egg.

When is ICSI the right answer?

ICSI is the process when one single sperm is selected and injected into each egg to achieve fertilization. We would choose ICSI when motility or morphology are abnormal and it’s even very successful when the motility and morphology are severely impaired.

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