Dr George Nduwke on: What to do when IVF fails

Today in The Fertility Show, we are hearing directly from our wonderful medical director Dr George Nduwke about what to do when IVF fails.

Last year, Dr Ndukwe saw a couple who had had nine failed IVF cycles at another clinic and when they asked if there was anything they could do differently, the clinic told them there wasn’t.

They then came to the Zita West Clinic where, under the care of Dr Nduwke, an issue was found that was believed to be the reason that their embryos were not implanting. Since having treatment at the Zita West clinic, the couple have had a baby and are now expecting their second.

As Dr Nduwke says, if IVF is failing you must try and find out why and take appropriate action. You must look at what happened before and see if there are any lessons you can learn from. Preparation for IVF is also crucial in order to optimize the egg and sperm quality.

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