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What to eat for female fertility and preconception

Us women know everything about diets but we rarely know very little about good nutrition to help with fertility. Women really need to be eating a broad range of multi-coloured foods which contain a range of multi-vitamins.

This week in the Fertility Show, I am sharing with you the foods and supplements I recommend for women who are trying to conceive – also known as the preconception phase, which is the time before you get pregnant or leading up to pregnancy.

And as always, you’ll find your cheatsheet below


Your female fertility checklist


Include in your diet

Vitamin D – One of the key nutrients that a woman needs is vitamin D which you get from sunshine but also from oily fish and salmon.

Iodine –  Foods such as samphire are a really good source of iodine which is vital for the thyroid and ovaries.

Omega-3 – Omega-3 is found in oily fish and salmon but also in nuts and seeds and avocados. Omega-3 is really important for the immune system but also for cell membranes of the eggs and of the sperm.

Choline – The best source of choline is eggs, especially, egg yolk. Many women can be deficient in choline so it’s necessary to include it in your diet as it’s needed for early foetal development.

Additionally, you need to make sure that your diet includes plenty of antioxidant rich foods such as vitamin C from berries, pomegranates, vitamin E from avocados and nuts and seeds and also beta-carotene foods such as carrots and peppers.

When it comes to diets, despite our best intentions,  the body can be depleted of key nutrients and that’s where supplements come in and can top up what you’re not getting from your diet.



What I advise to take alongside the above (click on the product link to buy in our shop)


Vitafem – Vitafem is a simple, effective way for women to support their fertility and ensure they are getting the essential nutrients they need while preparing for pregnancy. We advise our clients to take is Vitafem as it contains a broad range multivitamin and mineral such as; vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins.

Vital DHA – Another product we recommend that men take alongside the multi-vitamin and mineral is VitalDHA. Vital DHA contains Omega 3 essential fatty acids, plus a small amount of Zinc. It has been designed to help protect both partners’ DNA from oxidative damage during preconception as well as to support normal fertility and healthy sperm production. Omega 3 is rich in oily fish, but women are discouraged from eating fish too often in a week, therefore taking this supplement helps build up your stores of omega-3 prior to getting pregnant.

Vitamin D spray – Many of the women that we see are deficient in vitamin D so we encourage them to test their vitamin D levels and then use a supplement spray, depending on what results comes back.  Vitamin D plays a critical role in reproductive health. It is important for both women and men who are trying to conceive and for women when they are pregnant.

Vitafem boost – Finally, for women struggling to conceive, we recommend Vitafem boost. This is an enhanced version of Vitafem that contains vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, resveratrol, which are some of the extra antioxidants that can be found in berries, pomegranates and avocados.

To sum up, I always recommend that you lead with your diet a whole range of colourful foods, plenty of protein to build healthy eggs, take supplements to boost your intake of multivitamins and minerals, and if you’re really struggling, then I recommend Vitafem and Vitafem boost.

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