What’s The Difference Between Natural And Mild IVF?

At the Zita West clinic, we’re often asked about ‘natural’ and ‘mild’ IVF. So we asked our senior medical consultant, Dr Simone Rofena to explain what they both are and who is suitable for these different forms of treatments.  

As always, here’s your cheat sheet with a simple explanation of both procedures…

Natural IVF 

Natural IVF requires no drugs at all and is particularly suitable for women who have proven not to be responding to the conventional drugs that you use in IVF. If that is the case for you, in some cases we can still retrieve one or more eggs by simply naturally monitoring your cycle and performing an egg collection when the natural ovulation occurs.

Mild IVF 

Mild IVF requires the use of a minimal dosage of stimulation and is particularly suitable for patients who have a reduced ovarian reserve but are still able to produce a relatively good number of eggs. In these instances, mild IVF can be more helpful than a totally natural approach because through the use of a low dose of medication we are able to retrieve a good number of eggs.

Alongside both these procedures, we recommend a holistic approach which we believe is really able to make a difference to your success. Through nutrition and lifestyle assessments and some complementary therapies we have been able to improve the egg quality of our patient in the past.

Suitability for natural and mild IVF is not for everyone and all decisions on which protocol is the right one are taken on an individual basis.

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