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Why Nutrition Is So Important For Pregnancy And IVF Success

I say this all the time, but without a doubt nutrition is the cornerstone to laying down the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Nutrients play an essential role in creating and maintaining healthy eggs and sperm that will go onto fertilise, implant and grow a healthy baby.

Still, There is so much conflicting advice around diet and supplements when trying for a baby naturally, and we always attempt to cut through the generalisations and develop a personalised and targeted nutritional plan for you as a couple.

In this week’s Fertility Show, I’m sitting down with Isabelle Obert, our clinic nutritionist, and she is giving us her top tips on why nutrition is so important for pregnancy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Isabella had to say…

‘A lot of people feel out-of-control during an IVF cycle. You know, when’s the next scan? When’s the next injection? By taking control of your nutrition, you can actually be proactive.

We make it as easy as possible. It’s got to be doable. It’s got to be interesting. It’s got to be … I try and be as enthusiastic as possible, so when people leave, they know what they’re doing. They have a diet plan. They feel comfortable. They feel relaxed.

I always want people to leave a nutritional consultation more relaxed than when they came in, feeling happier, and feeling that they can actually be proactive. It makes an enormous amount of difference, because one should not underestimate the mind-body connection.’

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