Zita West Fertility Clinic

Your seven step IVF preparation plan

The Zita West Clinic in Marylebone, London, specialises in natural fertility and IVF and is the UK’s largest integrated IVF clinic. As part of your preparation for IVF, we develop an individualised four to six-week plan, which includes a variety of different elements designed to help support you not just medically, but physically, nutritionally, emotionally and psychologically.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, but if you are struggling to get pregnant, have been trying for over 18-months, have had failed IVF cycles or are in you’re in your 30s or 40, it can be important to try something different. Here is what makes us different…

Step 1 – Detailed Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire that is sent out before you come to the clinic and what is different about this is that it covers everything. It not only looks at the medical side – the tests you have had done and the tests you haven’t had done – but it also looks at other key areas, including your nutrition, diet and exercise, emotional health, wellbeing and your lifestyle. There is also a three-page food diary to help give us a better understanding of what you are, or are not, eating.

Step 2 – Initial Consultation

We are very lucky to have some of the leading experts in the field of IVF working at the clinic, including our medical director Dr George Ndukwe, our medical consultant Dr Simone Rofena, midwife fertility specialist Anita O’Neill, lead fertility nurse Terri Morgan-Collins and of course me. Our aim is that you leave a consultation feeling listened to, have had all of your questions answered and you have an appropriate plan of action within a clear timeframe.

Step 3 – Nutrition Consultation

The nutrition and lifestyle consultation forms part of the IVF package and is absolutely key for us at the clinic as we believe it helps to lay down the foundations for healthy eggs and sperm. What happens at the consultation is the nutritionist will go through everything you have included within the questionnaire and food diary and will develop a tailored plan specifically for you.

Step 4 – Nurse Consultation

What’s great about the nurse consultation is that it allows us to explore any fears you might have, answer your questions and touch base on the holistic programme to discuss whether you would benefit from either acupuncture or hypnotherapy.

Step 5 – Acupuncture

A lot of the women who come to the clinic will have acupuncture in the lead up to IVF as part of their preparation, on the day of stimulation and transfer. We believe that it helps release endorphins, which, in turn, reduces stress, as well as improve the blood flow to the pelvic area. Importantly, I believe that women feel very supported by the acupuncturist and it can give them a greater sense of wellbeing during what can be a stressful time.

Step 6 – Hypnotherapy

Mindset is really important to us and we use hypnotherapy a lot here at the clinic. What women find useful is that it helps them understand how they are feeling and provides self-help techniques that can be put into practice while at home.

Step 7 – Second Nurse Consultation

The second nurse consultation usually takes place one or two weeks before treatment begins and is designed to be more of a practical session. We will go through your consent forms, as well as your protocols step-by-step to make sure you are happy with what you will be doing. We also do a full injection teach during the session, to ensure you are comfortable administering all of your medication. It is not unusual to feel nervous in the lead up to IVF, so we find the second nurse consultation is a good opportunity to dispel these nerves and make sure you are feeling as happy and prepared as possible.


The IVF Programme at the Zita West Fertility Clinic is a unique, premium service with exceptionally high pregnancy and birth rates. To book your consultation, please call 0808 196 4060 or email clinics@zitawest.com



As well as our team at the clinic we have developed a national network of affiliated though independent acupuncturists who specialise in all aspects of female and male reproductive health.

All our affiliates have received training in Zita’s unique holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health as well as the diagnostic processes and treatment protocols followed at our London clinic.

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