Zita West Plan Ahead Box

Zita West Plan Ahead Fertility Assesment

When it comes to fertility and fertility planning, women need to understand their options. The new Plan Ahead programme from Zita West isn’t just a fertility test kit; it takes a comprehensive look at an individual fertility status to help them better understand how to optimise their chances of getting pregnant and how best to prepare. It can also be used by those who are looking ahead to their options when it comes to fertility preservation.

Who is it for?

Preparation has always been the philosophy behind the Zita West approach. Plan Ahead is ideal for:

  • Women who want to prepare for getting pregnant
  • For those who want a better idea of their fertility status
  • Women who have been considering freezing their eggs

“Increasingly, I sit in my clinic and see women who have no fertility awareness at all, and having spent their early 20s trying not to get pregnant, they suddenly have to change their mind-set completely,” said Zita. “Lots of women rely totally on apps, which are not a bad thing if they tune into their bodies, but many have lost the connection to their natural cycles and have little idea of their fertile times and panic around the so-called biological clock. This then leads to stress around ovulation and sometimes performance-anxiety for men when it comes to sex at ovulation time. I also see many women who increasingly want to know about their fertility status and are looking to have fertility assessments. All these tests do have a role but it’s important to take a broad look at your individual circumstances and to understand the implications if a test result comes back and it is not what you are expecting.”

Plan Ahead works by checking a woman’s egg reserves via an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test in an at-home pin-prick test. AMH is produced by cells within the ovaries and the test helps to assess a woman’s ovarian reserve and provides an indication of their fertility potential.

Combined with the consultation that follows, Plan Ahead has been designed to help the woman get a better understanding of where they are now and the next steps they should take. Based on their answers to a detailed questionnaire the consultation will cover the factors most important to their individual status, as well as helping them to better understand cycles and ovulation and how to think strategically about their fertility. It will also cover any additional tests and investigations which may help.

Next steps will be touched on briefly and a separate in-depth nutrition and lifestyle assessment may be suggested as well. This covers weight, stress, mental and emotional well-being as well as nutrition and diet, and enables women to take a proactive approach to these important, but often overlooked, influences on their fertility.

“Plan Ahead” costs £149.00 including a 30-minute consultation

How to book your “Plan Ahead”

Step 1: Phone 01280 707401 to order and pay for your AMH home-test kit and Plan Ahead consultation or buy online here.

Step 2: Complete the questionnaire you are sent with the kit and return the sample. Instructions are included for taking the sample, returning it and the questionnaire as well as how to book your follow-up consultation.

Consultations will be with Zita West or one of the consultant midwives or fertility nurses at the Zita West Fertility Clinic and will be conducted by phone.