The Zita West Fertility Clinic

A relaxed, boutique experience with tailor-made treatment, exceptional levels of pre-preparation and care and very high success rates

The Zita West Fertility Clinic is the UK’s only IVF clinic offering a full range of fertility treatments as well as preconception planning and natural fertility trouble-shooting, all under one roof.

Based in a comfortable and discrete central London townhouse in the heart of Marylebone, our relaxing clinic is a long way from the usual medicalised fertility centre environment and a wholly different experience from what you’ll find elsewhere.

We take a very personalised approach to overcoming fertility problems. Every one of our patients receive exceptionally high levels of doctor time and nursing support, a special focus on pre-preparation and micro-management of your treatment at every stage.

Everyone is unique and we don’t use a one-size fits all approach. Whether you are part of a couple or exploring your personal fertility options, all our treatment plans are tailored to you as an individual and designed to ensure that you are in the best possible shape to conceive successfully, not just medically but physically, emotionally and psychologically as well.

Making a baby is a complex whole-person process, not just simple mechanics. Our very high success rates suggest that our uniquely detailed and wide-ranging approach can make a really positive difference, no matter your fertility concern. Read more about our unique approach here, or call us on 0808 196 4060 to find out how we can help you.

Highest CPR in London for Women Under 35

We have the highest clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) in London per fresh embryo transferred for women under 35 as well as high success rates for those in older age groups. With our unique focus on comprehensive pre-preparation, we lay the foundations for healthy eggs and sperm to give you your best chance of success. Find out more about our success rates here.

Specialists in Overcoming IVF Failure

Many women who have had failed IVF cycles at other clinics come to us to get pregnant. By providing a unique holistic approach and exceptional levels of preparation and care, we consistently achieve fantastic results, even though many of patients have had several failed cycles elsewhere, and are not statistically expected to do well.

Almost Twice the Nat. Average Success Rate For Women 40-42

Our Clinical Pregnancy Rate (CPR) per fresh embryo transferred for women aged 40-42 is almost twice the national average – click here to learn more. Our individually tailored action plans cover all aspects of health and lifestyle, including factors such as diet, fitness and stress. In our experience, they can all help, particularly for older patients and those who have previously had failed IVF cycles.

Meet the Doctors

Our world-renowned experts specialise in every aspect of fertility, conception and pregnancy for all age groups. Find out more about our doctors here.

Dr George Ndukwe

Dr Simone Rofena

To book a consultation with one of our specialists, call us on 0808 196 4060 or find out more ways to get in touch.

What’s involved in a consultation?

Why choose the Zita West Clinic for IVF?

Our patients receive a uniquely comprehensive and individualised premium service that’s quite unlike standard IVF.

We excel at preparation on every level, with a planned and detailed approach that is individual to you. We will consider every factor that could be affecting your fertility, from sorting any medical issues to fixing your nutrition, and managing your stress, emotions and mind-set.

Our IVF service is provided in collaboration with the embryology laboratory at CARE London, an HFEA licensed clinic, combining our highly personalised care with the world-leading science of the CARE Fertility Group.

  • A relaxed and comfortable environment. Quite unlike the usual medicalised setting

  • World-renowned consultants with extensive experience in all aspects of fertility and conception

  • Individualised tailored plans of action. Not one size fits all

  • Unrivalled attention to detail on every level. Preparing you physically, emotionally and psychologically

  • Exceptionally high levels of doctor time and nursing support. You get to know our team and we get to know you

  • Micro-management of your progress in-cycle. Continuously monitoring your treatment, fine-tuning more than other clinics

  • Free nutritional couples’ consultation prior to your first cycle (usually £190). Providing this important consultation free as we believe it really helps

  • Dedicated in-house team of complementary practitioners. Supporting you with experts in nutrition, counselling, mind-management and acupuncture. All our complementary treatments are entirely optional, and you can book an appointment even if you are having IVF elsewhere

The Zita West Clinic Experience

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New Clients: 0808 196 4060
Existing Clients: 0207 224 0017

What’s involved in a consultation?

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Problems getting pregnant?

Book a Natural Fertility Review with one of our fertility nurse consultants

Have you lost direction? Not sure what to do next?

We can look at every aspect of your health and lifestyle, reviewing every medical detail, as well as nutritional, emotional and psychological factors, to develop a comprehensive, highly personalised plan of action.

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8 ways to help Mother Nature and fall pregnant naturally

From managing expectations, becoming cycle savvy, recipes to help you conceive, a pre-conception checklist and more, Zita West shares what she knows works from the thousands of couples she has helped have babies naturally.

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Secrets of successful IVF

No one size fits all – Taking an holistic approach to IVF that works for you

Whether you are starting out on the road of IVF or have previously had failed cycles, there is lots that you can do to give yourself the best chance of success.

In this free download, Zita shares her top tips on nutrition, lifestyle, relaxation and more : all important factors on the road to successful IVF.

Online Open Evenings

If you’re thinking about your fertility or IVF, or are about to start treatment, join us for one of our free, regular online fertility information events. Click here to find out more.

Managing your mindset for fertility and IVF

One thing we see so often in the clinic for women going through IVF or with struggling with fertility issues is a sense of uncertainty which they are trying to manage. While it may be true that conception is much more than just egg-meets-sperm, and that lifestyle and mindset make a huge difference, it’s much […]

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