About the Zita West Holistic Natural Fertility and IVF Clinic

The Zita West Fertility Clinic in London is the largest holistic clinic in the UK, helping couples to get pregnant naturally and through IVF. Unlike other fertility clinics we look at the whole of your situation, not just the medical aspects and develop a tailored plan of action. We know that everyone is different.

  • One of the top success rates in the country, particularly for difficult cases

  • Unique holistic approach that prepares you medically, physically, nutritionally and emotionally

  • Individualised tailored plan of action as everyone is different

  • Dedicated team of leading practitioners in medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, counselling, hypnotherapy and massage

  • Led by world renowned Medical Director Dr George Ndukwe

The Zita West Clinic Experience

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New Clients: 0808 196 4060
Existing Clients: 0207 224 0017

What’s involved in a consultation?

The Zita West Fertility Clinic Zita West Fertility Clinic is part of the CARE Fertility Group, combining CARE’s world-leading science and commitment to highly personalised care with the Zita West focus on pre-preparation and the micro-management of your treatment.