Positive Mind For Fertility

Your own positive mind plan for pregnancy

I often talk to my clients about how your emotional well-being can affect your physical well-being; how achieving a strong mind-body connection can have a positive and powerful influence on your chances at conception.

I advise all my clients to create their own Positive Mind Plan, to help them achieve this connection, feel more relaxed and regain the control that they feel to have lost. But where do you start with your own positive mind plan? It’s important to remember that only you and you alone know how you are feeling and no two positive mind plans are the same. However, they all start with the same questions……

  1. What is your current situation and what are you trying to achieve? (in addition to the baby)
  2. What is the reality of your situation and how is that affecting how you think, feel and behave?
  3. What obstacles exist that could stop you from making positive changes in your life?

For most of us, these are the personal and intimate questions that we are most afraid of approaching: we are constantly terrified to admit that we are scared and understand why. But the whole idea of a positive mind plan is to safely explore how you feel, find new techniques with which to overcome your fears and use them to maintain that positive mind-body connection that helps you feel in control of your situation and in turn, increases your chances of conception.

Here are some proven techniques and methods that you could consider when creating your own Positive Mind Plan:

Action Plan

A clear plan of action is key! Make sure it includes lots of things that make you happy as well as the logistics of any fertility investigations or treatments that you may be involved with.

Positive Affirmations

These are carefully worded, personal, positive statement that you repeat and must be in the present tense. Start by listing all your negative thoughts about pregnancy, like “The doctor says I only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant”, and then turn them into positive ones, “I am one of the 5%”. Make these statements your new mantras: write them down, say them out loud in the morning and before bed and keep them close to your heart at all times.

Visualisation Techniques

Why not listen to a guided meditation? Maybe you could take up yoga? Whatever you choose, try and practice a visualisation or stress-reduction technique for around 20 minutes each day.

Keep a Journal

It is often so hard to put feelings into words, but a journal can be a perfect way to just allow thoughts to flow freely in a totally uninhibited way. You may never read it back again, but at least your emotions are on paper rather than bottled up in your mind.

Do Something You Enjoy

Allow yourself to be happy! Catch up with friends over a coffee, listen to your favourite song, indulge in simple, daily pleasures that give you pure enjoyment.


Doing some form of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Whether it’s walking, running or something totally different, exercise releases the endorphins needed to maintain a positive state of mind.


Some of the therapies that we commonly recommend include art therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling – feel free to explore just one or all of them and find what works for you.

To find out more about some of the therapies that we recommend and have available at the clinic, get in touch via the contact page or call us on 0808 196 4060. We also have some (brilliant) guided relaxation and downloads for pregnancy and conception.