Our IVF Success Rates

We believe our holistic and personalised approach to fertility and IVF together with the exceptional team of doctors, fertility nurses, nutritionists, counsellors and hypnotherapists that are here to support you throughout your IVF treatment, have a positive impact on the success rates we achieve for our patients.

Our latest results for the period 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019 show a clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred of 46% for women under the age of 35 using their own eggs. Our live birth rate per embryo transferred for the period 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018 is 43% for women under 35 using their own eggs. Our results are a subset of the HFEA verified success rates of Care Fertility London.

The HFEA collect and verify success rates for all licensed clinics and publish the information on their website.  The Zita West Fertility Clinic does not need to be licensed by HFEA as we do not have an embryology laboratory on site, All the embryology for our patients is carried out at Care London, which is an HFEA licensed centre.  All our egg collections and embryo transfers also take place at Care Fertility London.

Commenting on the results, Dr Simone Rofena, our Medical Director says “Some of the best IVF clinics in the UK are in London and I am thrilled that we continue to maintain our strong clinical pregnancy and live birth results in women under 35 years.”

The results for the Zita West Clinic are amalgamated with the results for Care Fertility London on the HFEA website but the table below shows the success rates for Zita West only as extracted by us from Care Fertility London’s HFEA verified data,

All of our success rates are presented as “births or pregnancies per embryo transferred”. This metric counts a twin birth or pregnancy as one birth or pregnancy and we believe this is the best way of presenting our data because it demonstrates that we can achieve excellent success rates when transferring only a single embryo. Single embryo transfer is important because it significantly reduces the risks of having a multiple pregnancy which in turn helps our patients carry a healthy pregnancy to term and deliver a healthy baby.

Fresh cycles, patients’ own eggs – Zita West Clinic
Clinical Pregnancy Rate per embryo transferred ((January – December 2019)

AGE GROUP >>Under 3535-3738-3940-4243-44>44All ages
Number of embryos transferred 41545198285277
Number of clinical pregnancies19198132061
Clinical Pregnancy Rate 46%35%16%13%7%0%22%
HFEA UK national average (based on 2018 data) 39%30%22%13%6%4%27%

Live Birth Rate per embryo transferred (January-December, 2018) – Zita West Clinic

AGE GROUP >>Under 3535-3738-3940-4243-44>44All ages
Number of embryos transferred 61665911424324
Number of live births26161218072
Live Birth Rate 43%24%20%16%0%22%
HFEA UK national average 34%25%18%11%3%1%23%

Frozen embryo success rates are really important because they give our patients the chance to have or complete their family without undergoing all of the medical treatment or paying the cost of a fresh cycle of treatment.

Frozen cycles, patients’ own eggs – Zita West Clinic
Clinical Pregnancy Rate per embryo transferred (January-December, 2019)

AGE GROUP >>All ages
Number of embryos transferred 222
Number of clinical pregnancies82
Clinical Pregnancy Rate 37%
HFEA UK national average 31%

The HFEA advises patients that information on success rates is of limited value in comparing clinics and choosing where to seek treatment. You can find the HFEA’s advice on the “choosing a clinic” pages of their website.