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Acupuncture: Frequently Asked Questions

March 28, 2022/by Olivia Tomlinson

Your own positive mind plan for pregnancy

January 11, 2022/by Zita West

The chocolate brownie recipe to prepare your body for conception and IVF

October 14, 2021/by Zita West

The Zita West Clinic, Celebrating Ten Years

September 29, 2021/by Mary Raftopoulos

6 Common Questions About PCOS Answered

September 1, 2021/by Zita West

Managing your mindset for fertility and IVF

July 29, 2020/by Zita West

Is the IVF process harder if I have PCOS?

July 22, 2020/by Zita West

Technologies to help improve IVF success

July 1, 2020/by Zita West

Which IVF protocol is best for me?

June 17, 2020/by Zita West

Preparing for Frozen Embryo Transfer

May 26, 2020/by Zita West

Supporting – not boosting – your immune system

March 17, 2020/by Zita West

What is natural modified IVF?

March 9, 2020/by Zita West

What should I consider before egg freezing?

March 5, 2020/by Zita West

Anti inflammatory foods for fertility

February 10, 2020/by Zita West

Fertility treatment and work

January 21, 2020/by Zita West

Meet the Zita West IVF Doctors

January 14, 2020/by Zita West

Does Vitamin D affect my fertility?

January 8, 2020/by Zita West

Do you need to save up sperm for fertility?

December 17, 2019/by Zita West

A client story – pregnant after failed cycles elsewhere…

December 11, 2019/by Zita West

Boosting serotonin for fertility

December 9, 2019/by Zita West

The Zita West Five Day Fertility Detox

November 19, 2019/by Zita West

How to deal with performance anxiety

November 5, 2019/by Zita West

Acupuncture for fertility

October 22, 2019/by Zita West

What to do if IVF fails

October 15, 2019/by Zita West

Embrace the new season

September 30, 2019/by Zita West

Improve sperm health

September 26, 2019/by Zita West

A warm welcome to Dr Vivienne!

August 20, 2019/by Zita West

Zita West Plan Ahead Fertility Assesment

August 10, 2019/by Zita West

Your seven step IVF preparation plan

July 25, 2019/by Zita West

Vegan diets and fertility

July 17, 2019/by Zita West

Tips for early pregnancy

October 16, 2018/by Zita West

What Role Does Sperm Play In The Success Of IVF?

May 31, 2018/by Zita West

Pregnant from IVF… What next?

May 24, 2018/by Zita West

Four supplements to take for pre conception & pregnancy

May 15, 2018/by Zita West

There’s More To IVF Than Eggs, Sperm & Embryos

May 2, 2018/by Zita West

What is the difference between IVF and ICSI?

April 25, 2018/by Zita West

5 Commonly Asked Questions About IVF

April 18, 2018/by Zita West

Dr Simone Rofena discusses ‘What Is Endometriosis?’

April 11, 2018/by Zita West

Can a Mediterranean diet help increase IVF success?

March 29, 2018/by Zita West

Dr George Nduwke on: What to do when IVF fails

March 22, 2018/by Zita West

The supplements that can boost sperm health

March 15, 2018/by Zita West

What Couples Want From A Fertility Consultation

March 7, 2018/by Zita West

Nutrition consultations via Skype

March 4, 2018/by Zita West

How to have a baby on your own: what are your treatment options?

February 21, 2018/by Zita West

How to have a baby on your own: Part 1

February 14, 2018/by Zita West

What’s The Difference Between Natural And Mild IVF?

January 31, 2018/by Zita West

5 Tips For Coping With The Two Week Wait

January 24, 2018/by Zita West

5 Things To Consider When Dealing with Secondary Infertility

January 17, 2018/by Zita West

Could these four things be hindering your chances of conception?

January 4, 2018/by Zita West

5 Tips For Surviving The Festive Season When You’re Trying To Conceive

December 21, 2017/by Zita West

The most important thing is understanding the delays to fertility and looking back with no regrets

December 14, 2017/by Zita West

Which supplements should you take during pregnancy?

December 7, 2017/by Zita West

We’re the number 1 clinic in London

December 5, 2017/by Zita West

9 Questions About |Fertility That Every Twenty-something Should Know The Answer To

November 30, 2017/by Zita West

5 Common Mistakes That Might Be Delaying Your Chances of Conception – And How To Avoid Them

November 23, 2017/by Zita West

How To Have Acupuncture With The Zita West Clinic If You Don’t Live In London

November 16, 2017/by Zita West

Why Nutrition Is So Important For Pregnancy And IVF Success

November 9, 2017/by Zita West

5 Ways We Optimise Your Cycle For IVF Success

October 25, 2017/by Zita West

Can acupuncture help you fall pregnant?

October 18, 2017/by Zita West

Can hypnotherapy work for fertility? Zita meets Maureen Kiely, our senior clinical hypnotherapist 

October 4, 2017/by Zita West

Book your one to one appointment with Zita

September 27, 2017/by Zita West

Under The Microscope: How We Choose An Embryo For IVF

September 12, 2017/by Zita West

After 3 failed IVF cycles, my dream to have a second child is over

September 7, 2017/by Zita West

Under The Microscope: How We Create Embryos For IVF

August 31, 2017/by Zita West

Reducing Stress & Leaving Work Improved My Chances of IVF Success

August 24, 2017/by Zita West

Under The Microscope: What Makes IVF Successful

August 17, 2017/by Zita West

Under The Microscope: Real Life ICSI Treatment

August 9, 2017/by Zita West

I was born to be a mum – and couldn’t have done it without reproductive immunology

August 2, 2017/by Zita West

7 tips for boosting fertility

July 27, 2017/by Zita West

My fertility problems weren’t taken seriously because I was so young – until I found The Zita West Clinic

July 5, 2017/by Zita West

5 Years, 500 Babies: A Milestone For Zita West Assisted Fertility Clinic

June 28, 2017/by Zita West

What makes a good IVF clinic? (We’d love to hear your thoughts)

June 20, 2017/by Zita West

5 Reasons Why The Zita West Fertility Clinic Different From Other Fertility Clinics

June 13, 2017/by Zita West

5 Tips For Getting Pregnant At 40

May 31, 2017/by Zita West

5 Tips To Prepare Holistically For IVF

May 24, 2017/by Zita West

How to find your fertility garden – a visualisation to help you conceive

May 17, 2017/by Zita West

Fig, pear & pistachio muffins to sate your sugar cravings (and boost fertility!)

May 9, 2017/by Zita West

What to eat during each trimester of pregnancy

April 26, 2017/by Zita West

What to eat for female fertility and preconception

April 19, 2017/by Zita West

Quick & easy Beet Burst Smoothie for sperm health

April 5, 2017/by Zita West
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