The Zita West Fertility Clinic Multi-Cycle Discount Programme

Undergoing IVF treatment can be a worrying time financially which is why we are offering a multi-cycle discount programme which includes up to two IVF/ICSI cycles and unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles until a live birth has been achieved. The period of the programme is two years and it does not include a refund, but it gives you the benefit of a significant discount compared to standard IVF costs. It also provides a large degree of certainty into a process that can otherwise be very unpredictable financially.

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Fees for the Multi Cycle Programme

  • Patients less than 38 years old
  • IVF £9,620
  • ICSI £11,170
  • Patients age 38 – 42 
  • IVF £10,970
  • ICSI £12,830

What is included in our Multi Cycle Programme

  • Up to two cycles of IVF/ICSI
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfer cycles for embryos created in the cycles
  • Free CAREmaps
  • Extended culture of embryos to blastocysts stage
  • Freezing and storage of embryos for 1 year per primary treatment cycle of IVF/ICSI
  • Monitoring blood tests (oestradiol and progesterone) during the cycles
  • Ultrasound scans
  • Sedation during egg collection
  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultation
  • Two free counselling sessions
  • Follow up consultations
  • 7-week pregnancy ultrasound scan
  • HFEA fees

All embryos created and frozen as a result of the first cycle of IVF/ICSI must be used prior to a further fresh cycle.

What is not included?

  • Initial consultation with a Zita West Fertility Clinic Consultant
  • Investigations and screening tests prior to starting treatment, such as AMH, viral screening tests, semen analysis, ultrasound scans, genetic screening tests or any investigations for implantation failure
  • Any medications for the treatment cycles or to maintain an ongoing pregnancy
  • Future storage and use of any frozen embryos created within the multi-cycle package which have not been used within the agreed two-year period of the scheme or have not been used prior to the patient having a live birth as a result of the scheme.

All of the additional procedures listed below are not covered in this programme but may be added to cycles at extra cost as per our Fee schedules.

  • The cost of donor sperm
  • Any additional laboratory procedures such as artificial oocyte activation, PGT-A
  • Surgical sperm retrieval
  • Semen or egg freezing and storage
  • Endometrial biopsy or endometrial scratch
  • Sedation for embryo transfer

Duration of the Multi-Cycle Programme

The duration of the programme is two years from commencement of the first treatment cycle. The Programme comes to an end and no refund is given when;

  • A live birth has been achieved
  • The end of the two-year period from the commencement of the first treatment cycle

After the two-year period any further treatment (including embryo storage) will then be charged as per the current fee structure.

Payment must be made in full prior to the pre-stimulation scan at the commencement of the first cycle of treatment.

Should IVF be planned, but the decision is made that ICSI is necessary during the duration of the first treatment cycle, including on the day of egg collection, the patient would be required to pay the difference between the ICSI cost and the IVF cost in the multi-cycle scheme.

Cancellation of the cycle

Approximately 5% of IVF cycles are cancelled for under or over-response or because no eggs were collected. Depending on the stage of cancellation you can either leave the programme and be eligible for a refund appropriate to the timing of cancellation as per the ZWAF fee schedule, or stay in the programme and your cancelled cycle will be treated as your first IVF cycle.

Comparison Prices of a Standard IVF cycle at Zita West

  • Treatment
  • IVF cycle
  • Monitoring blood tests
  • Blastocyst transfer
  • CAREmaps
  • FET cycle
  • Freezing of embryos
  • Storage of embryos per year
  • Total
  • ICSI if needed
  • 1 cycle and 1 FET
  • £4,365
  • £535
  • £630
  • £960
  • £2,595
  • £505
  • £390
  • £9,980
  • +£1,350 = £11,330
  • 2 cycles + 3 FET
  • £8,730
  • £1,070
  • £1,260
  • £1,920
  • £7,785 (3 transfers)
  • £1,010
  • £390
  • £22,165
  • + £2,700 = £24,865