Why IVF at Zita West

Our Unique Holistic Approach to IVF

We are proud of our excellent results and we put these down to our unique approach to IVF which we believe is quite different from that of other, more traditional IVF centres.

Couples can come directly to see our doctors for IVF but we always suggest that they have an appointment with Zita, Anita or Jane first as we can come up with a holistic plan that looks at your nutrition, lifestyle and psychological/emotional aspects, all of which can impact on IVF success.

IVF at The Zita West Fertility Clinic, London

We excel in three areas: –

  • Firstly, our holistic approach to IVF.  When you use our programme (which can be used individually or as a package) you are making sure that you are preparing in every way  – nutritionally, emotionally, psychologically and integrating it with the best of medical science. Our clients like this approach as IVF is very medicalised and the fact that we take time to look at all the other aspects of their nutrition and lifestyle that can impact on their chances of success gives them confidence that they have ‘ticked all the boxes’
  • The second thing we excel in is helping and understanding why IVF fails.  Our Medical Director, Dr Simone Rofena. a world specialist in IVF failure consults with our clients and comes up with an individualised treatment plan.
  • Finally, the third thing we excel in is the exceptional nursing team who clients really value, not only for their medical attention but also for their kindness, support and hand holding they give and this is reflected in the lovely emails we regularly receive from our clients.

We see so many women that have unsuccessful IVF cycles with other clinics who become pregnant with us using this unique approach.

“Based on your answers to our uniquely comprehensive fertility questionnaire, our experienced team can identify even the smallest areas of potential weakness in you or your partner’s fertility status and propose a step by step action plan”

Our Medical Experts

Simone Rofena

Medical Director

Rashda Bano

Consultant Gynaecologist

Dorcus Muchiri

Obstetrician Gynaecologist

Your IVF cycle will be medically managed by our doctors, Simone, Rasha and Dorcus. All consultations and scans take place at our clinic in Manchester Street and egg collection and embryo transfers will be carried out at the nearby HFEA licensed clinic, Care London. All embryology, including storage of embryos, eggs and sperm is done at Care London too.

What else makes us different?

Before we started IVF we asked many women what they wanted from an IVF clinic. The answers we received were, an individualised approach rather than a one size fits all formula; answers as to what they can do to improve their chances of IVF success; time in consultations and not to feel rushed; doctors and staff to know who they are; positivity, kindness, advice and support; access to the nurses and answers to their questions as they go through the process; and to know which complementary therapies may help them during the process. I believe we tick all of these boxes.

Our promise to you

Individualised care
Questions answered
Not rushed
Friendly team
Exceptional nursing care
Preparation on every level – medical, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle
Nutrition and lifestyle consultation as part of our IVF package
Kindness, support and advice
Complementary therapies to help support treatment

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

We believe that Nutrition is such an important aspect that impacts on IVF success that we offer all our IVF clients a free nutrition and lifestyle consultation from which we develop a nutritional and lifestyle plan of action.

Emotional and Psychological Support

Going through IVF can be challenging and stressful in lots of respects, yet so many clinics seem to place little emphasis on providing support for their client’s emotional and psychological well-being during their time with them.  The medical aspect are of course important but the psychological aspects can be equally important. By contrast, we’re ardent believers in the importance of the right emotional support and the contribution this can make to success rates. Which is why we have specifically created a small and dedicated team to work intensively, and in a highly personalised way, with each and every one of our clients, to hold your hands, literally and metaphorically, answering your questions and keeping you as positive and motivated as possible, every step of the way. Find out more about our complementary therapies to support you during IVF and help boost your chances of success: Nutrition and IVF Acupuncture and IVF Hypnotherapy and IVF Counselling and IVF

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