Can acupuncture help you conceive?

There’s a lot of mystery and scepticism surrounding acupuncture as a type of treatment, as it’s so different from the traditional Western approach. With Western medicine, it’s all about the biomedical model, but with acupuncture it’s more about looking at the mind and body as one. Here at the clinic, we combine the two. That is what makes our approach so unique and what works so well for our clients, for both women who are conceiving naturally and those who are using IVF. Read more

Jade’s story: ‘Zita’s books are my Bibles.’

Jade’s story: ‘Zita’s books are my Bibles.’ Here at the Zita West clinic, we were thrilled this week to speak to Jade McCubbin Sullivan on Instagram (@jadeXXX888). She wanted to share her story of her struggle to conceive and how Zita’s meditations and books helped her. Jade, who used to work for EMI Music Publishing & […]


Preparing for IVF with Acupuncture

Very often I am asked by women how often and for how long they should have acupuncture before they start their IVF cycles and whether it can influence egg quality in order to achieve a ‘better’ outcome. Read more

Traditional Chinese Medicine for modern fertility

Chinese medicine is a very effective treatment for fertility/infertility. Acupuncture alone can be a very important tool, however the treatment of infertility according to Chinese Medicine principles never takes place in isolation. We need to look at lifestyle, dietary, emotional and other factors that are just as important if we want to optimize one’s fertility potential. Here, I will be giving some general and practical advice to help you with conception. Read more